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Aug, 2019

Softball Lights Turned On

I am happy to announce that the lights on the softball field were turned on for the very first time tonight by Julia Hopson, a player on the 2019 Major softball team. This project was started many years ago when the league started to save money by creating a savings account to allocate money to the softball light project. A few years ago, Musco was contacted and a project plan was created. In 2016, members of the board along with a softball coach and electrician, Tim Offutt, started paperwork to apply for a grant to help with the project. The paperwork was submitted in early 2018 and the grant was approved in early 2019 for $20,000. With the money saved by the league, the grant from Little League, and financing through Musco, we were able to start installation in April of 2019. Since the project took so long to get started, we had to find a new electrician and Kevin Hopson stepped up to fulfill that position. Kevin has been working with several members of the board including Larry Guerra to help install the lights over the past few months. With help from Mid Atlantic, the poles were set a couple of weeks ago and tomorrow, Kevin hopes to wrap up some final steps but the lights are ready to go. 

JCLL would like to thank everyone who helped in one way or another over the past several years to move this project towards completion. JCLL would especially like to thank Kevin for his hard work and dedication over the past few months to get the project to the finishline. We could not be more excited for the future of the league with this type of improvement!

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