Residency Eligibility

Jefferson County Little League (JCLL) is a chartered league with Little League International.  To play at JCLL, one must follow the Little League rules for registration and either reside within the JCLL boundaries or attend a school within the JCLL boundaries.

Option #1 - One of my players attends a school within the JCLL boundaries.  Use the Little League Finder  to enter your school address and verify it resides within the JCLL boundaries.

Option #2 - I reside within the JCLL boundaries.  Use the Little League Finder to enter you address and verify you reside within the JCLL boundaries.

For more information about required proof of residency documents, click here.

What happens if I have kids in different schools?
If a player qualifies to participate at JCLL as a result of school attendance inside JCLL boundaries, a sibling may also participate in the same league.
What if my player played for JCLL last spring but I either moved out of JCLL’s boundaries and/or the player no longer attends a school inside JCLL’s boundaries? 
Contact the JCLL president to complete a Regulation II(d) waiver. Players are eligible to continue playing for a league they participated in prior to moving or changing schools as long as they do not participate in the new league once moving residency or schools.  
What if none of the above applies to me? 
You can find your local Little League using the Little League site, Little League Finder.  Or you can contact the JCLL president and request a residency waiver that must be approved by the Little League Charter Committee and the local league you reside in.

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