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Nov, 2019

November Board Meeting

Jefferson County Little League

Board Meeting

November 10th, 2019


Member’s Present: Mike Moulton, Abigail Dudley, Josh Didion, Donnie Engle, Brenda Engle, Greg Sager, Martha Sager, Megan Guerra, Larry Guerra, and Greg Stevens.


President’s Report:

·         Remaining Board Member Position to be filled: Umpire and Chief. Two individuals have expressed interest.

·         Supplemental Insurance: Reviewing other options and reviewing current plan with Jones Insurance.

·         Opening Day Ceremony:

o   Martha Sager will continue to plan Opening Day Ceremony.

o   Brenda Engle discussed ideas for the Opening Day Booklet.

o   Will Shepard has been contacted to DJ.

·         Cash Bash:

o   Looking for other ways to raise money during the event.

o   Martha Sager and Brenda Engle will meet to discuss last years event.

·         District Meeting:

o   Bi State will be changing their name to Mineral County Little League

o   Safe Sport Policy – 2 Adult rule whenever with players or other children. We will need to provide a copy of our policy to Little League.

o   State Tournaments were discussed:

§  8-10 Bridgeport

§  10-11 Elkins

§  11-12 Beckley

o   Little League is encouraging all Leagues to use the school enrollment form for eligibility.

Treasurer’s Report:

·         Current Funds:

o   $22,530.00 (regular checking account)

o   $763.85 (Check Card)

o   $6928.67 (Savings Account)

·         Megan Guerra motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Donnie Engle second the motion. Motion passed.

Secretary’s Report:

·         Megan Guerra motioned to approve the Secretary’s Report. Abigail Dudley second the motion. Motion passed.

·         Martha Sager motioned to allocate $1000.00 to cover one $500.00 Baseball Scholarship and one $500.00 Softball scholarship for a graduating Senior.  Brenda Engle second the motion. Motion passed.

Player Agent:

·         Fall 2020 – Discussed changing the Fall Ball dates until after Labor Day. Abigail Dudley will contact other leagues for their opinions concerning the start of Fall Ball.

·         Concerns about 13-year-old pitching during Fall Ball.

·         Potential for 50x70 in the Fall Ball for the older players.

·         New Coaches information sheets discussed.

·         Poor attendance at Mandatory Coaches Meetings.

·         Background checks will be funneled to the Division Directors.

Director of Majors:

·         Umpire Training for new umpires was discussed.  Possibly having a training one day per month. Reviewing rules and scenarios.

·         Donnie would like a list of umpires. He would like to recruit 6 new umpires for the upcoming season.

Motion to Ajourn:

·         Mike Moulton motioned to adjourn. Greg Stevens second the motion. Motion passed.






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