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Mar, 2020

Early April Board Meeting

Jefferson County Little League

Board of Directors

March 28th2020


Member’s Present: Donnie Engle, Brenda Engle, Megan Guerra, Larry Guerra, Lauren Will, Abigail Dudley, Greg Stevens, Greg Sager, Josh Didion, Mike Moulton, Peter Jackson, Heather Lowery, and Martha Sager


President’s Report:

  • Raffle Tickets: The league fundraising raffle will continue as planned. Collections will be held every Saturday from 1 to 2PM at the JCLL Complex.
  • The Gun Raffle: Due to cancellation of the Cash Bash, the drawing for the Gun Raffle will be held on Sunday, March 29th, 2020 at 1pm.
  • Opening Day: The opening day ceremonies are cancelled.
  • Plan for starting the season:
    • How to get more in faster… Everyone practices every day for a week.
    • Hoping to start practices on May 4th, 2020… Opening Day May 11th, 2020.
    • Thinking about renting lights for the Minor’s Field and the cages.
  • Develop a “Wave Plan” to share with league families for what the board is thinking for the future.
  • Backstop:
    • Mike Moulton motioned to allocate $3500.00 to spend on the repair and replacement of the Major’s Backstop. Josh Didion second the motion.Motion passed.
  • Reviewed finances of the league
    • Light payment to Musco
    • Uniform costs.
  • AED: Brenda Engle motioned to allocate $1500.00 for the purchase of an AED for the league. Mike Moulton second the motion. Motion passed.


    Treasurer’s Report:

  • $52,285.17 General Account
  • $6,920.99 Savings Account
  • $810.66 Card Account
  • $44,553.52 Total


  • Allocated Monies:


    • $3500.00 Backstop
    • $1500.00Backstop Materials
    • $3500.00 New Materials
    • $2000.00 Hats with the new JC Logo
    • $1000.00 Scholarships
    • $500.00 New Equipment Bags
    • $1500.00 New AED
    • $10,000.00 Light Payment
    • $12,000.00 Uniforms/Hats
    • $2000.00 Sam Michael’s Park
  • Heather Lowery Motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report Mike Mouton second the motion. Motion passed.


Meeting Adjourned. 

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