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Nov, 2020

November Board Meeting Minutes

Jefferson County Little League

Board of Directors

November 1st, 2020


Member’s Present: Abigail Dudley, Greg Stevens, Greg Sager, Josh Didion, Dina Didion, Mike Moulton, Martha Sager, Brian Abe, Larry Guerra, and Megan Guerra

President’s Report:

·       Charter and Insurance: We are unable to change coverage with Jone’s Insurance. They must have the liability coverage to keep the Physical structure coverage. 

o   Martha Sager will reach out to other companies to see if other options are available.

·       Electronic Meetings: In order to keep business moving with in the league, we discussed the pros and cons of having the ability to do virtual meetings. 

o   The Constitution requires us to follow Robert’s Rules of Order.

o   Josh Didion motioned to have meeting either be all virtual or all in person. Determined by whatever the situation dictates. Mike Moulton second the motion. Motion passed. 

Treasurer’s Report: 

·       Currently we have the following:

o   Savings – $6,932.15

o   Card Acct. - $384.21

o   Checking - $8081.22

·       Abigail Dudley motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Megan Guerra second the motion. Motion passed. 

Secretary’s Report:

·       Mike Moulton motioned to approve the September Minutes. Josh Didion second the motion. Motion passed. 

·       Josh Didion motioned to approve the minutes from the General Membership Meeting. Mike Moulton second the motion. Motion passed. 

Director of Minors:

·       Sandlot – Completed approximately 2 weeks ago. The league received a lot of positive feedback on the program. 

·       Cultural Unity and Equality: Josh Didion attended a meeting held by Ms. Lewis-Dallas of the Jefferson County School Board. He went over the purpose of the group and stated that it was a very positive experience. He will continue to attend and bring information back to the board. 

Director of Majors:

·       Greg Stevens proposed doing a 12-year-old draft first to eliminate one team from getting a large number of 12 year olds each year. 

o   Looking to make teams more competitive. 

o   Asking for possible proposals for the process next meeting. 

Director of Fundraising: 

·       Megan needs email access from Brenda. 

·       Mike Moulton will be sending Megan electronic copies of the Sponsorship paperwork 

·       Start a Go Fund Me page for financial help with some necessary projects at the facility. 

·       Gun Raffle closer to registration. 

·       Shop with Scripts program

·       Amazon Smile

Field’s Manager:

·       Lock on Majors Field taken care of…. Fields are now locked. 

·       Trash by the dumpster will be removed by JR Heffner

·       Dirt - Waiting on Information from Heather. 

o   Brian Abe and Mike Moulton are each donating monies to help cover the cost of dirt for the Majors, Minors and Softball Fields. Larry Guerra will be reaching out to get this order fulfilled. 

·       Batting Cages

o   Discussed moving cages for safety purposes

o   Dina Didion has spoken with North American Millwright about a possible donation of new batting cages. 

·       Majors Field: Lots of work… seeded Twice and dirt added

·       Juniors Field: Dirt had been promised for Juniors Field, but it has since been discovered that is not an option. Larnie Vickers and Donny Smith are working to raise monies to help this project along. 

·       Field Day: Saturday, November 14th at 9 AM

Director of Concessions:

·       All start up cash and phone have been secured for the winter

·       The concession stand is all cleaned up and shut down for the winter

·       Stand Up Freezer: The seal needs to be replaced before the Spring

·       Menu: Mary Martin will be providing a list of all vendors 

·       Committee -  Looking to form a committee to facilitate opening and closing the concession stand each evening. 

·       Full Square Register discussed to keep track of orders and money. 

Equipment Manager:

·       Umpire Equipment: Shirts, Clickers, Ball Bags and Throat Guards

·       Field Equipment: Lime Spreaders and covers

·       Player Equipment needs: Mike Moulton will be bringing a spreadsheet of items and cost to the next meeting. 

·       NOCSAE – Giving little League another year to be compliant with new Catcher’s Equipment. 

·       In hopes of finding gently used portable mounds, Greg Sager motioned to allow approval of $1000.00 or less to be done via email. Brian Abe second the motion. Motion passed. 

Motion to Adjourn:

·       Megan Guerra motioned to adjourn. Josh Didion second the motion. Motion passed


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