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Jan, 2021

January 2021 Board Meeting

Jefferson County Little League

                                                   Board of Directors

January 3rd, 2021


Member’s Present: Greg Stevens, Megan Guerra, Brian Abe, Dina Didion, Josh Didion, Larry Guerra, Abigail Dudley, Greg Sager, and Martha Sager.  Present through Zoom: Mike Moulton, Lauren Will, Brenda Engle, Donnie Engle, and Heather Lowery. 


President’s Report:

  • Covid Rules: LL International has been putting together emails with new rule changes. Be sure to watch for these changes. 
  • School Sports: With all of the changes in winter sports in school, we will need to mindful and accommodate those students who are participating in school sports. 
  • Ground Rules:
    • T-Ball: No changes
      • Lauren Will motioned to approve the T-Ball rules as is. Dina Didion second the motion. Motion passed. 
    • Minor Baseball:
      • Mike Moulton motioned to approve the Minor baseball Ground Rules. Abigail Dudley second the motion. Motion passed. 
    • Major Baseball: 
      • Greg Stevens motioned to approve the major baseball ground rules. Motion passed. 
    • Juniors Baseball will be tabled until the Interleague meeting has occurred. 
    • Megan Guerra motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Larry Guerra second the motion. Motion passed. 


    Treasurer’s Report:

  • Balances
    • Checking Account: $3,968.94
    • Debit Card: $341.41
    • Savings Account: $6932.66
  • Amazon Smile: All set up
  • Considering using a Virtual Spinner for raffle tickets this year. Up to 500 people can be used for free. 


    Secretary’s Report:

  • Megan Guerra motioned to approve the Secretary’s Report with one change. Brian Abe second the motion. Motion passed. 

    Player Agent:

  • Tryouts: Will be held either at the Battery in Ranson or at the JCLL Complex on March 6th and 7th. We are waiting to see the covid numbers at the time. 


    Director of Juniors:

  • Draft: The following was proposed for the draft: ALL 12-year-old players will be distributed evenly among all teams. This does include current 12 years old already on a team. Any extra 12-year-old players will be given to the teams with the most picks. 


    Field’s Manager: 

  • Registration: Online registration is up and running and players are being registered!!!
    • Going to use Boost on Facebook. 
  • In Person registration will be held to two events. Those days will be February 20th and 27th at the JCLL Complex from 11am to 2pm. 
    • Mike Moulton motioned to approve these dates and times. Brian Abe second the motion. Motion passed. 
  • In addition to the donations received for the purchase of dirt, Brian Abe motioned for the league to purchase one truck load of dirt not to exceed $2000.00 for use on the Minors, Majors, and softball fields. Josh Didion second the motion. Motion passed.
  • Our Juniors Field has been stripped and is in need of attention. Larnie Vickers and Donnie Smith were able to raise. $600.00 to go towards the purchase of dirt. As a part of the above motion, it was motioned to allocate monies not to exceed $800.00 to go towards the purchase of dirt for the Junior field. 



  • Mike Moulton will need to be allocating about $14,000.00 in the next meeting to cover the expense of uniforms, Hats and Balls. 
    • Mike will be contacting Brunswick hardware to see the latest date to order to accommodate our timeline. 


    Safety officer: 

  • Working on ASAP
  • Working on Safety Team
  • March 13th, 2021 will be the Managers and Coaches Meeting. 

    Motion to Adjourn: 

  • Megan Guerra motioned to adjourn. Josh Didion second the motion. Motion passed. 


Next meeting: 2-7-2021 at 11am

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