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Feb, 2021

February Board Meeting

Jefferson County Little League

Board of Directors

February 2021


Member’s Present: Greg Stevens, Megan Guerra, Brian Abe, Dina Didion, Josh Didion, Larry Guerra, Abigail Dudley, Greg Sager,  Martha Sager, Mike Moulton, Donnie Engle, and Heather Lowery. 


Meeting held via Zoom


President’s Report:

  • Player Waiver: Mikayla Simmons requests to be released to SBLL. 
    • Mike Moulton motioned to approve the release of Ms. Simmons. Josh Didion second the motion. Motion passed. 


    Treasurer’s Report:

  • Funds in the Accounts are as follows:
    • Checking Account: $11,174.12
    • Debit Card: $1549.63
    • Savings Account: $1932.75
      • Megan Guerra motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Abigail Dudley second the motion. Motion passed. 
  • Porta Potty: We will be switching companies this season from ACT to a local company. Hoping this company will provide better service. Porta Potties will be delivered early March. 


    Secretary’s Report

  • Tabled. 


    Player Agent:

  • Cancelations: A refund policy needs to be established before the beginning of the season. 




  • Only one in person registration this season. It will be held at the JCLL Complex on 2.27.2021 from 11am to 2pm. If needed an additional event will be held on March 7th.
  • Our numbers are increasing. 
  • Registration will be closing on March 5th, 2021
  • Tryouts: 
    • Deciding between the Battery and the JCLL Complex. If held at the Battery, it will need to start after 2pm. 
  • Sponsor Letters: 
    • Mike Moulton has made copies for the league. 
    • Some letters will be mailed, others will be hand delivered. 
    • Board members will split up the delivery locations. 


    Director of Majors:

  • Greg Sager will write up the new rule change for the draft. He will also verify if it needs to be approved by the Southeast region. 



  • Uniforms: Tabled until the March meeting. Looking to be approximately $9500.00.
    • Brunswick needs 3 weeks to turn around
  • Baseballs and Softballs:
    • Mike Moulton motioned to allocate $2500.00 towards the purchase of balls for the upcoming Spring and Fall Seasons. Josh Didion second the motion. Motion passed.
  • Shared Equipment Policy
    • Need to develop a policy before the start of the season so that Coaches are aware of what needs to be done to equipment shared by players. 



  • We will be switching to Coke products this season. 
    • A new Coke Machine will be delivered.
    • New coolers will be delivered in necessary. 
    • Smaller reorders are available. 
  • Square Terminal: still looking for an affordable option. 


    Motion to Adjourn: 

  • Donnie Engle motioned to Adjourn. Mike Moulton second the motion. Motion passed. 


Next Meeting to be held on March 7th at 5pm at the Hampton Inn. 


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