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Aug, 2021

August JCLL Board Minutes

Jefferson County Little League

Board of Directors Meeting

August 29th, 2021


Members Present: Martha Sager, Greg Sager, Donnie Engle, Brenda Engle, Greg Stevens, Larry Guerra, Megan Guerra, Lauren Will, Brian Abe, Dina Didion, Josh Didion, and Abigail Dudley.

President’s Report: 

  • 12-Year-old Tournament
    • Sound System replaced. 
    • Centerfield needs more lighting 
    • Any field maintenance before winterizing the facility. 
  • Banners on the Field: Current banners are starting to fall off the fence. They need to either be repaired or taken down for the year. 
  • Batting Cages: Need to be completed 
  • Opening Day 2022
    • Possible Hoffmaster Dedication review
    • State Champion Celebration
  • Metal Sign for State Champion titles 
  • Collection of Membership Dues 
  • Responsibilities for the Upcoming Election 
    • Treasurer will need to be there
    • Secretary will provide Membership list 

    Treasurer’s Report:

  • Checking 20,625.10
  • Debit Card 813.41
  • Savings 1933.03
  • Megan Guerra motioned to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Lauren Will second the motion. Motion passed. 

    Secretary’s Report:

  • Changes to the minutes of the previous meeting:
    • Election Date is 10.09.2021 not 10.16.2021
    • Fall Ball numbers changed from 2007 to 207.
  • Josh Didion motioned to approve the Secretary’s Report. Lauren Will second the motion. Motion passed. 

    Equipment Manager: 

  • Brunswick Hardware will be closing. We will need to gather a list of needs for the league for a new provider and start to look for a replacement. 

    Director of Minors: 

  • Fall Ball is going Great!!!
  • There is a waitlist for players. 
  • Concession Stand Fall schedule and purchases were discussed. 
    • Abigail Dudley provided Donnie and Brenda Engle with her debit card. 

    Player Agent: 

  • Concerns about the oil cans were discussed. 

    Motion to Adjourn:

  • Dina Didion motioned to adjourn. Greg Stevens second the motion. Motion passed. 

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