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Oct, 2021

October 9th - 2021 General Membership Meeting

Saturday, October 9, 2021

  1. President’s Report given by Josh Didion


  2. Spring Season
    • Teams: 38 (+8)
      • Baseball Junior: 4 (+3)
      • Baseball Intermediate: 0 (-1)
      • Baseball Major: 6
      • Baseball Minor: 13 (+2)
      • Baseball Tee Ball: 12 (+5)
      • Softball Junior: 1
      • Softball Major: 1
      • Softball Minor: 1 (-1)
    • 424 total players – Highest numbers in many years
    • We had a few COVID quarantined teams and players but no exposures resulting in the spread of COVID at the complex.  
    • Tournament team opportunities returned to normal 
      • 10-12 Baseball team 
        • won District 6 championship (3rd year in a row for league)
        • WV State Championship (1st time in league history since 1953)
        • Beat Virginia in Southeast Regional Tournament
      • 9-11 Baseball team 
        • won WV State Championship (2nd time in league history)
      • Battle of Burg team 
        • Won Championship (2year in a row)


  3. Fall Season
    • Teams: 21
      • Junior Baseball: 2
      • Junior Softball: 2
      • Major Baseball: 4
      • Softball Major: 0
      • Minor Baseball: 6
      • Softball Minor: 3
      • Rookie Baseball: 4
    • 245 total players
    • Most Fall Ball teams and players in many years
    • Interleague at lower levels for first time.  It is important to help interleague with nearby leagues that struggle for numbers so that Little League can grow.  
    • Concession Stand was open as much as possible for Fall Ball
    • Fall Ball costs were kept low but a cost analysis needs to be conducted to include equipment cost such as baseballs.  Perhaps fundraising in the summer is a thought.


  4. Maintenance
    • New dirt added to the Junior field (GTE Field)
    • New dirt added to the Minor field
    • New dirt added to the Major field (Hoffmaster Field)
    • New dirt added to the Softball field
    • Gravel added to the parking lot to extend the lot 
    • Research into new batting cages and resources to help pay for the replacement of cages that were damaged in July 2020 storm.  Still in progress
    • New port-o-pot company used for this year.  Limited feedback but feedback was positive.

  5. Additional field project status
    • Recommendation to JHS to use JCLL for fill dump on school projects was a success and helped JCS save money.  The JHS artificial turf project for the football field used JCLL to dump the topsoil removed to place the drainage system and turf on the football field.  The topsoil was dump where the first field will be placed.  We hope to level the area before winter and plant grass seed.  Hopefully, the area can be a useful surface for teams in the spring.
    • The JHS fill dirt also helped expand the parking area farther.  Gravel will be needed to take advantage of the space.
    • The fill permit has closed again, and no dirt can be dumped.  If we want to continue to fill the area for more space, we will have to consult with an engineer.

  6. Projects to consider for 2022
    • Need to complete the addition of 2 batting cages
    • Fix/replace scoreboard on Junior field
    • JCLL scheduled to host 10-12 Area Tournament in 2022
      • Fix playing surface 
        • Plant grass seed
        • Remove dirt build up in baselines and pitching path
        • Work on water runoff to prevent settling water around home plate
        • Work on uneven surface in outfield
      • Check Lights and make adjustments to meet Little League standards
      • Fix sound system.  Required to host a tournament
      • Fix fence behind dugouts
      • Walk all fencing and resecure fencing to posts with new ties to ensure fencing is taught.  Dugouts and dugout gates included.
      • Check bleachers to ensure they are good.  (Recently included in projects but just be sure)


  7. Treasurer’s Report


  8. Josh Didion reviewed the financials of the league. 


  9. Constitutional Changes


  10. Donnie Engle discussed adding a 15th member to the board. Proposed a second UIC. 
  11. NO constitutional changes.


  12. Nomination of the Election Chairperson


  13. Josh Didion motioned to name Megan Guerra the Election Chairperson. Dina Didion second the motion. Motion Passed. 


  14. Election of the 2021-2022 Board


  15. Josh Didion - President
  16. Peter Jackson - Vice President
  17. Ally Corey - Secretary
  18. Dina Didion - Player Agent
  19. Lauren Will - T-ball Director
  20. Kevin Corey - Minor’s Director
  21. Greg Stevens - Major’s Director
  22. Brian Abe - Softball Director
  23. Donnie Engle - Director of Concessions
  24. Larry Guerra - Facility Director
  25. Ally Corey - Communications
  26. Brenda Engle - Safety Office
  27. Greg Sager
  28. Heather Lowery
  29. Toby Surratt
  30. Note: Positions to be determined: Treasurer, UIC, Director of Fundraising, Juniors Director.


Adjournment of the 2021 General Membership Meeting

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