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May, 2023

JCLL May Board Meeting


Larry Guerra

Kevin Corey

Abbie Dudley

Lauren Will

Dina Didion

Josh Didion

Mike Moulton

Bryan Sutherland

  • Call to Order at 6:10pm

  • Reading & Approval of Minutes

    • Josh motioned the approval of the April meeting minutes, Mike M. second, minutes approved

  • Reports of Officers

    • Vice President/Director of Tee Ball (Lauren Will)

      • Teeball benches, tabled from previous meeting

        • Per Larry JR Hefner has someone who is going to mount the new benches

      • The Rays have requested that Brandon Staley be added as a coach for the last week of the season.

        • Mike motioned the Board give a recommendation to Greg Sager, League President, to nominate Brandon Staley as a Rays coach – Josh second the motion. The vote was 0 to 8, do not nominate B. Staley as an additional coach for the Rays.

      • Lauren has accepted the role of Safety Director since James Greule stepped down

      • Discussed situation with Softball Majors.

        • Final game between Lady Vols and Knights will not be played due to Lady Vol Coaches behavior.

        •  A Coach verbally attacked an Umpire. Mike motioned to suspend the Coach for threatening violence of the Umpire, Larry second. Motion approved with a vote of 6-1.

    • Treasurer Report (Josh Didion)

      • $32,967.47 checking

      • $19,044.77 savings

      • $467.23 debit

      • $52,479.44 total

      • Paid lights $11,500

      • Concession stand made $12,000 ytd after bills have been paid

      • Fall Ball has brought in $1000 so far

    • Secretary, Information Officer / Director of Fundraising (Dina Didion)

      • Approved Via Email - March Meeting Minutes

      • Approved Via Email - February 25 Meeting Minutes

      • Website has been updated including constitution, local rules and new electronic meeting by-laws

      • call for membership was posted - using google forms for sign ups (9 members signed up so far)

      • All Star spirit wear - Vogel is all set just need to provide names and dates

    • Director Fields and Facilities (Larry Guerra)

      • Needs to order turface, mound clay and line chalk

        • Mike motions to allocate $3,000 for Larry to order turface, clay and chalk. Bryan seconds. Motion approved. 

      • Lighting update – Larry waiting to meet with the lighting guy

      • Larry – would like to recommend Brenda voted back on the board

    • Director Minors (Kevin Corey)

      • AAA – Tournament starts Tuesday, 5/30

      • Coach / Pitch season was good

      • AA – was fairly good

      • Battle of the Burg – probably have 2 teams – evaluation on June 3rd if need be

    • Player Agent, Baseball (Abbie Dudley)

      • All stars announced June 1st

      • 28 signed up for fall ball

      • Abbie will cover Softball Player Agent role since James Greule stepped down

    • Director Juniors (Mike)

      • The Braves are down one coach due to schedule conflicts. Mike motioned to approve TJ Utterback as a replacement coach for the Braves for the rest of the season.  Josh seconded. Motion approved with a vote of  8-0.

      • All Star Senior league team – need to offer it to everyone (15+) – will send out a Facebook post: if interested send league an email by 5/26, must register with JCLL ($85 registration +  $85 uniform + travel)

  • New Business Tabling / Adjourn

Motion to adjourn at 8:00 by Bryan and second by Mike.

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