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Jun, 2023

June 4 Board Meeting

Jefferson County Little League
Board Meeting Minutes
June 4 2023, 6pm JCLL Fields


Josh Didion

Dina Didion

Bryan Sutherland

Greg Stevens

Anthony Thomas

AJ Mason

Kevin Corey

  • Motion Call to Order at 6:06pm

  • Special Guest - Per Greg Sager, Donnie Bean is interested in joining the Board - open discussion with Donnie

    • Kevin motioned to invite Donnie Bean to join the board, Bryan second, motion approved

  • Special Guest - Per Greg Sager, Brenda Engle is interested in rejoining the Board as Concession Stand Manager  - open discussion

    • Tabled until next meeting

  • Reading & Approval of Minutes

    • Greg motioned to approve meeting minutes for  5/9 and 5/21. Bryan seconded. Motion approved for both sets of minutes.

  • Reports of Officers

    • Treasurer (Josh)

      • Treasurer Report - Kevin motioned to approve. AJ seconded. Report approved. 

        • Checking - $34,131.23

        • Savings - $19,045.56

        • Debit - $873.97

        • Total - $54,050.78

      • Per Greg Sager, Musco light update. Josh gave an update on the meeting from May 30, 2023.

      • Per Greg Sager, All Star Parent Meeting date / time and who will present what

The SOP states: After an All-Star team has been formed and notifications are completed, a mandatory team meeting will be held with the  players, parents/guardians, manager, coaches, and the following BOD members: President, Division Director, Player Agent, Treasurer, Director of Fundraising and Director of Equipment. During this meeting, team expectations will be explained, to include practice schedules, commitments, fundraising, uniforms, etc. 

Propose Thursday, June 8th at 7pm

8/10 team will be held at a later date

  • Per Greg Sager, 10-11-12U Coach nomination - Dina to motion, Greg St. second, Motion approved

    • Josh Didion

  • Per Greg Sager, Battle of the Burg Manager nominations - Greg motioned, Bryan second, motion approved

    • Dean Ballenger

    • Kevin Horn

  • Per Greg Sager, Juniors 3rd coach TJ Utterback - Dina motioned, Kevin second, motion approved

  • Per Greg Sager, MaryBeth Group as 3rd Softball 8/10 Coach, Greg motioned, Kevin seconded, motion approved

  • Secretary, Information Officer / Director of Fundraising (Dina)

    • Membership update - 16 members (2 still need to pay)

    • Fundraising Update - total raised $20,372.84. 

      • Tiptoe Studios donated $1,150 for pictures (10% ).

      • Total from Kona Ice this season was $416.00 for 4 days

  • Director of Majors (Greg St)

    • Hope to meet with both Mayors to discuss ARCA money next Friday,  June 9th

  • Director Minors (Kevin)

    • Battle of the Burg tryouts on Monday, June 5th

    • AAA Tournament ran well

  • Director Softball (Bryan)

    • Trying to find something for his 7&8 year olds to play - found one tournament in Hedgesville that will take place on 6/11

  • Coaches Coordinator (Anthony)

  • Director of Equipment (AJ Mason)

    • Would like to order general equipment for Fall ball. Requesting $8,000. Bryan motioned, Kevin second. Motion approved

  • New Business Tabling / Adjourn

    • Set next meeting 6pm, June 29th

Motion to adjourn - Greg St., Josh second, motion approved

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