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Aug, 2023

JCLL Board Meeting

Jefferson County Little League
Board Meeting Agenda
August 6 at 6pm Hampton Inn


Greg Stevens

Greg Sager

Larry Guerra

Abbie Dudley

Anthony Thomas

Josh Didion

Dina Didion

Bryan Sutherland

Lauren Will

Donnie Bean

Brenda Engle

  • Call to Order at 6:03 pm

  • Reading & Approval of Minutes

    • Josh Didion motioned to approve the minutes from 6/29/23, Lauren seconded the motion, all approved

  • Reports of Officers

    • President (Greg Sager)

      • Working on Signs for those teams that won states to be hung - trying to get pricing

      • Everyone needs to schedule practices, including travel teams

        • Lauren has been tasked with putting a policy together on how non-JCLL teams can request time on the fields

    • Treasurer (Josh)

      • Treasurer’s Report - Greg St. motioned to approve treasurer’s report, Brenda seconded the motion, all approved 

        • Checking - $21008.60

        • Savings - $19047.17

        • Debt - $898.32

      • Benches for Teeball are done per Larry

    • Secretary, Information Officer / Director of Fundraising (Dina)

      • Reminder ; Membership - for those who have not signed up and plan on being on the board or voting, need to do so

        • 22 paid members so far

      • Call for Candidates - sending out on August 15th, due by 8/31

      • Fall Fundraising Ideas - Campaign for Teeball Fields upgrades? 

        • Backstop fencing - $3,800

    • Director of Majors (Greg St)

      • ARPA Update - still trying to get money for lights for majors field

    • Player Agent, Baseball (Abbie)

      • Fall Ball Update - 293 registered for Fall Ball and there is a waitlist

        • teams announced by 8/9, practices start 8/12

    • Director of Equipment (James M)

      • I would like to request board approval of $9,500 for the fall uniforms. The cost is based off $31.50 per player and a little extra for any additional add-ons.

        • This cost is also under the assumption that we will NOT be required to add patches for the fall uniforms.

        • Greg Stevens motioned the uniform expense for fall ball, Larry seconded the motion, all approved

    • Director of Concessions (Brenda)

      • Concession operations and repairs

      • Need list of registered players from Abbey for contact to parents.

    • Director Fields and Facilities (Larry)

      • Larry wants heads up when people are going to use fields

      • Need to organize a painting party to take care of the place

      • Has boards to replace benches - need help installing

    • Director Softball (Bryan)

      • Directors of Various Softball Leagues in the area have agreed to one set of rules for Fall Ball

    • Vice President/Director of Tee Ball/Safety (Lauren)

    • Director Juniors (Mike)

    • Umpire in Chief (Donnie Bean)

    • Director Minors (Kevin)

    • Coaches Coordinator (Anthony)

  • New Business Tabling / Adjourn

    • Next Meeting - Monday, September 11th - 6pm 

    • Greg - motion adjourn 

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