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Oct, 2023

JCLL General Assembly Meeting

Saturday, October 14, 2023

  1. President’s Report given by Greg Sager

  • Spring Season

    • Teams: 

      • Baseball Junior: 3

      • Baseball Intermediate: 0

      • Baseball Major:6

      • Baseball Minor: 19

      • Baseball Tee Ball: 12

      • Softball Junior: 1

      • Softball Major: 1

      • Softball Minor: 5

    • 573  total players – Highest numbers in many years

    • Tournament team opportunities returned to normal 

      • 8-10 Baseball team 

        • won District 6 championship

      • Battle of Burg team  

        • Won Championship (3rd year in a row)

  • Fall Season

    • Teams:

      • Junior Baseball: 3

      • Junior Softball: 1

      • Major Baseball: 4

      • Softball Major: 1

      • Minor Baseball: 5

      • Softball Minor: 5

      • Rookie Baseball: 5

    • 315 total players – highest fall ball numbers ever

  • Maintenance

    • Completed the tee ball field benches

    • Completed replacing Juniors bleacher boards

  • Additional field project status

    • Softball field lights loan will be paid off in 2024

    • James (AJ) Mason’s company will donate fencing for building back stops for tee ball fields

    • Upgrade cameras to all for better viewing of the fields

  • Projects to consider for 2024

    • Replace lights on Majors field – received $65,000 from the City of Ranson for this project

    • Move Hoffmaster field fence to meet Little League requirements

    • Improve the Entrance Apron

    • Add additional overflow parking by the bus garage

  1. Treasurer’s Report

  • Greg Saeger reviewed the financials of the league. Greg Stevens motioned to approve the treasurer’s report. Lauren Will second the motion. All approved.

  1. Constitutional Changes

  • Discussed the number of JCLL Board of Director positions to be filled in 2023/2024. Greg Stevens motioned for 20 board members. Brenda Engle second the motion. All approved. 

  • Discussed listing expectations for the Directors of each division, as the Constitution does not currently list any. Greg Stevens motioned to update the constitution to include listing expectations for Directors of a Division. AJ Mason second the motion. All approved.

    • New Language Approved

Article VII SECTION 10 – Division Director

The Directors of a Division shall:

  • Act as a liaison between the Board of Directors and those involved in the division, both internally within the League and with other Leagues or external organizations.

  • Coordinate player and volunteer recruitment and retention efforts within the division.

  • Assist the Player Agent with evaluations and assembling teams within designated division.

  • Perform such duties as from time to time that may be assigned by the Board of Directors or by the President.

  • Oversee or delegate responsibility to the division representative the responsibility to oversee Special Baseball games.

  • Assist with creating schedules for the division.

  1. Nomination of the Election Chairperson

  • Greg Sager motioned for Abbie Dudley to be the Election Chairperson. Dina Didion second the motion. Motion Passed. 

  1. Election of the 2023-2024 Board

  • Members of the 23/24 JCLL Board of Directors

    • Bryan Sutherland

    • Greg Stevens

    • Donnie Bean

    • Dannielle Utterback

    • TJ Utterback

    • James (J) Mason

    • Kevin Corey

    • Lauren Will

    • Rick Hahn

Adjournment of the 2023 General Membership Meeting

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