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May, 2024

JCLL Board of Directors Meeting - May 5, 2024

Jefferson County Little League
Board Meeting Minutes
May 5, 2024 at 6pm-  Hampton Inn


Bryan Sutherland

Amanda I.

Kaysie Staubs

Larry Guerra

Greg Stevens

Kevin Corey

Anthony Thomas

AJ Mason

Rick Hahn

Josh Didion - google meets

  • Call to Order

  • Reading & Approval of Minutes from Monthly Meeting from April 7, 2024 and meeting minutes from Special Meeting held on May 2, 2024

  • Reports of Officers

    • President (Bryan)

      • District Meeting updates

      • Charter Updates

      • Incident Report Updates

      • Board Seat Transfer

      • Schedules / Rescheduling of Games for the remainder of the season

    • Treasurer (Kendall Burke)

      • Treasurer’s Report

    • Secretary, Information Officer (Dina)

      • Scholarships

      • Opening Day - feedback

        • Online Auction made $1,400

    • Player Agent, Baseball (Dina/Amanda) / Player Agent, Softball (Kaysie)

      • All Star Applications for Players due May 12th

        • Player Selection Meeting is set for Thursday, May 16th at 7:30 at JCLL

          • This meeting is for Division Directors, Team Managers, President & Player Agent

      • Fall ball Registration - typically starts around May 27th and runs until July 27th

        • Price for Fall? same as last year

    • Director of Equipment (AJ)

      • My reimbursement for the items I picked up down in Loudoun.

      • Number of teams for burg.

      • All-star/burg uniforms.

    • Director of Majors (Anthony)

      • Majors end of season tournament

    • Director Fields and Facilities (Rick)

      • Area behind Juniors Press Box

    • Member at Large, Larry

      • Senior League

    • Member at Large, Greg Sager

      • Travel Ball Schedule and Pitch Counts

New Business Tabling / Adjourn

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