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May, 2024

JCLL Board of Directors Special Meeting - May 15, 2024

Jefferson County Little League
Board Meeting Minutes
Special Meeting - May 15, 2024 - via Google Meets


Bryan Sutherland

Amanda Impellizzeri

Kaysie Staubs

Larry Guerra

Greg Stevens

Kevin Corey

Anthony Thomas

AJ Mason

Rick Hahn

Lauren Will

Sarah Kain

Danielle Utterback

TJ Utterback

Chris Bush

Scott Cogan

Kendall Burke
Dina Didion

  • Call to Order at 8:00 pmĀ 

  • Special Meeting topics

    • Juniors using a non-registered player in three games

    • Juniors allowing 15 year olds to pitch in interleague games - per District 6 Interleague Rules - this is not permitted

  • Good Discussion took place around both topics

  • Larry motioned that JCLL President hold a meeting with the managers of the Juniors teams to discuss following the Interleague Rules and Pool Players Rules - Keith Kain second, motion passed with a vote of 13 / 16

  • Dina motioned that the non-registered player, who has since registered with the league, not be permitted to pool play for the remainder of the season as there are other players signed up that have not been given a chance to pool play since managers have not beenĀ  following the rules, Larry second, all approved

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