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May, 2024

JCLL Board of Directors Special Meeting - May 19, 2024

Jefferson County Little League
Board Meeting Minutes
Special Meeting - May 19, 2024 - via Google Meets


Bryan Sutherland

Amanda Impellizzeri

Kaysie Staubs

Larry Guerra

Greg Stevens

Kevin Corey

Anthony Thomas

AJ Mason

Rick Hahn

Lauren Will

Sarah Kain

Keith Kain

Danielle Utterback

TJ Utterback

Chris Bush

Scott Cogan

Kendall Burke

Dina Didion

  • Call to Order at 8:00 pm 

  • Special Meeting topics

    • Proper Use of Pool Players and how to handle a situation when a player is only permitted to bat or field due to an injury (acts as half a player)

      • Greg Stevens motioned to create a policy that states if a player can only be used in ½ capacity, then the Team Manager must notify the Player Agent and Division Director to determine the pathforward for that team and player. This includes whether the team can utilize a pool player when the team drops below 9 healthy players. Anthony second and all approved.

  • Meeting adjourned by Bryan Sutherland at 9pm.

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