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Battle at the Burg

Martinsburg Little League usually hosts the Battle at the Burg at the end of June or beginning of July. Details TBD

JCLL has won this tournament 4 tournaments in a row: 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

This tournament is for players league age 7 - 9 who are not part of the 8/9/10 Little League tournament team.  In the past, we have received permission to allow league age 6 players when needed.

The team can only have a max of five league age 9 players.  The remaining roster must be under 9.  At least 12 players must be on the roster.

The tournament is all kid pitch with rules similar to AAA.  There is a 5 run rule and a time limit.  The last inning allows unlimited runs.

The team will practice regularly for several weeks leading up to the tournament in late June.

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